Bridging Finance


Bridging finance provides a short term property solution to individuals, property developers and investors. As the name implies, it bridges the gap between buying the new property and selling the existing one. Bridging loans are short and fast loans that can obtain within a short period of time that is between one and nine months.

Bridging loans are perfect when the opportunity presents itself to buy a property below the market value. Some people may also choose an auction to sell out the property. Bridging loans are perfect solutions that enable you to obtain quick purchase. There is no restriction on the property types, but the loans are always subject to survey.

Bridge loans are gaining popularity as people turned up to show their interest in getting quicker solutions for their finance. When the homeowner is trying to buy a new home or deciding to sell the existing home bridging finance can help out the situation. Principal investment proposals have a close relationship with lenders who are flexible, speed and offer reliability in funding. It provides the buyer with the option to move into their new property without having them to wait until the existing property is sold.

Bridging finance is short term lending solutions which are designed to help clients purchase properties quickly.

  • - Auction
  • - Below market value
  • - From a relative
  • - Have bad credit
  • - Quick Flip

Bridging loans tend to be the perfect solution as they enable you to effect the quick purchase. Lenders will always expect you to put up collateral of generally around 35% - 40% of the purchase price

There is generally no restriction on property type, however loans will always be subject to survey and it is important to be aware of your potential exit routes.

Principled Investment Proposals has a close relationship with a panel of lenders who are experts in the field with the upmost importance on delivering a service with flexibility, speed and reliability. This enables us to deliver a premium financing service which would be unobtainable from high street lenders, including the opportunity to gain a higher level of loan to GDV.