Case Studies

Case Study 1

Our client was looking for a quite straightforward remortgage of their home, however as they had some bad credit the mortgage lenders were saying no. Principled investments Proposals arranged a bridge for the client so that he could clear his current mortgage. There were no monthly payments to be made which enabled the client to clear down unsecured debt so in 12 months time a remortgage was then possible.

All of this was achieved at a pay rate of 10% which on the surface of it seems high, however as this was only for a finite amount of time and it enabled the clearance of toxic unsecured debt left the client in a much stronger financial position than at the outset.


Case study 2

Our client was looking to purchase some land and build a property. They needed to borrow 100% of the build cost and had a 25% deposit for the site purchase. As the total exposure to the lender was only 55% of the anticipated end value Principled Investment Proposals were able to arrange this facility at a pay rate of 1% per month with no exit fees for the client. it is not uncommon for lenders to charge exit fee based on the end value of the property rather than the loan amount so to achieve a low rate of interest and low fees is quite some achievement.

Our client built the properties over a 7 month period and rather than deciding to sell the properties he retained them and Principled investment proposals aided them with their refinance to get out of their build finance facility.


Case study 3

Our client was looking to build a hotel in Spain, they owned the site but also had some disbursements on the site which needed to be cleared. Principled Investment Proposals arranged a facility whereby the clients were able to raise finance against the land to clear the disbursements and also provide them with the first tranche of monies required to commence the build.

Due to the site value we were able to provide 100% of the build finance and clearance of the disbursements to enable the clients to progress and build their hotel!