Commercial Mortgage


Commercial mortgages are available to those who are looking to purchase a commercial asset, whether it be a building, business, development opportunity.

Commercial mortgages have been difficult to come by during the recession but things are improving and there is an appetite to lend. I would still be inclined to say that Government proposals to help business has been a waste of time, but as the economy improves lenders have finally started to step up to the plate.

Commercial mortgage rates are generally very competitive and you don’t even get ripped off by the fees so they are a good proposition so long as there is a strong case. To be eligible for a commercial mortgage it will be expected that the business has a good track record.

The lender would expect to see:

  • - Company bank statements
  • - Company accounts
  • - A minimum 30% deposit
  • - A clean credit history
  • - Accounts of a business being purchased
  • - Cash flow forecast and analysis

If you are looking for the right commercial mortgage or loan, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.