Development Finance

Finance is used to price the assets based on the risk level and the expected rate of return. The best way to build an asset is investing on lands or building multiple units that will raise the money value in future. Self-build mortgages are not available for building multiple units. So in this case one can choose development finance for building multiple units.

When you are planning to invest in multiple units then you can go through both the good times and hard times of the market. When there is a fall in one asset, there will be a stable or rise in other assets so there will be a balance. Developing multiple units will help you to Development finance is for those who are willing to build multiple units.

Development finance has become an increasing challenge and it’s harder to obtain over the recent times. Development finance seeks to plug the gaps in financial investment. Financial development should help the whole population; it should primarily benefit the rich and proportionately help the poor too. You may have land but not know where to sell and get more profit out of it.

Principal investment proposals will help you get the monies to actually build your own property. You may have extraordinary ideas but you don’t have idea where to find the monies to make your ideas become a reality.

As a general rule of thumb if you all for an arrangement fee of 3% a monthly pay rate of 1.25% and an maximum exit fee of 1% you will not be selling yourself short when undertaking cost projections.

We can generally obtain up to 70% of the purchase price / site value and 100% of the build cost on these types of products. We can help you with your exit as well regardless of whether the intention is to sell, as generally you will not want to be sitting on a development loan for months whilst waiting for solicitors to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Again the market is flooded with unrealistic products at the moment, everywhere you look you can find rates advertised from 0.75% per month or thereabouts, however try to do a new build and all of a sudden, what happened to the 0.75% rates being suggested.

We will not lead you down the garden path we would far prefer to overestimate than under estimate for you!